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Section Eight Rental Subsidy

The Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program is tenant based rental assistance. That means, that the rental assistance belongs to the person who receives it, and is not attached to a rental unit. To qualify for a voucher you must be a low income family, disabled, or elderly person. The voucher will be yours as long as you are low income and you abide by program regulations. To view private listings for Section 8 tenants click the following link:  http://haslc.gosection8.com/SearchRentals.aspx

Portability is an option with a voucher. That means you can take your rental assistance voucher with you to any Housing Authority in the United States that has a voucher program.

Once you receive a voucher your rent will be approximately 30% of your monthly income. The Housing Authority will pay a portion of the monthly rent directly to your landlord, and the voucher holder will pay the landlord their portion. When you become a Housing Choice Voucher program participant you will be able to choose your rental unit. When working with the Housing Authority of Salt Lake City you can choose a rental unit anywhere within Salt Lake County. The unit can be a home, a duplex, or an apartment of your choice. The unit must be able to pass a Housing Quality Standards Inspection, and must be a decent safe and sanitary place to live. You will be required to sign a one year lease, and remain in the rental unit for a minimum of one year every time you move.

If you are interested in receiving rental assistance through the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program you will need to complete an application and be placed on the waiting list. Currently the wait is approximately 5 years. Please make certain to keep us updated if your mailing address changes while you are on the waiting list, as all of our correspondence with you will be through the mail. The Housing Choice Voucher is an excellent rental assistance program. The voucher program encourages low income families and individuals to move into areas of greater opportunity and to live outside areas of poverty.