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Section Eight Family Self-Sufficiency

How it works: The FSS program offers support to recipents of housing assistance as they work towards self-reliance and freedom from government assistance.

Participants work with FSS staff to develop individual goals that will help them become self-sufficient. FSS case managers provide support and guidance as participants work to complete their goals. Participants meet with a case manager once every three to six months.


Community Resources: There are literally hundreds of Salt Lake area organizations designed to assist community members. FSS case managers provide information on a wide variety of available services, and make referrals to these outside agencies as appropriate.

Pursuing Employment:Participants are asked to work full time, maintain health insurance, and earn enough money to support themselves and their families. Income guidelines are used to determine if a family’s income is adequate.

Education and vocational training are a top priority of the Family Self - Sufficiency program. Full-time employment can be delayed while participants complete their schooling and job training. However, full-time employment must be obtained prior to FSS program completion.

>Building Your Future- What’s in it for me? The Family Self -Sufficiency program is a five (5) year contract. Many participants complete the program in less time. This period is designated for participants to:

  • Build escrow $ Pay debts
  • Build and repair credit
  • Learn budgeting techniques
  • Obtain high school diploma or GED
  • Complete school / vocational training
  • Obtain work experience Find suitable employment with benefits
  • Complete FSS goals
  • Explore home ownership options


Enrolling in the FSS Program The Family Self - Sufficiency program is available to households currently receiving assistance from the Housing Authority of Salt Lake City. To enroll, or ask questions, please call: 801-487-2161 ext. 1234 A Family Self - Sufficiency case manager will assist you. The number of openings in the FSS program is limited, so you may be placed on a waiting list.

Completing the FSS Program To complete the Family Self - Sufficiency program and qualify to receive the escrow savings account, participants must:

  • Maintain full time employment (preferably with benefits)
  • Earn an income that falls within HUD guidelines
  • Complete and verify all their goals
  • Meet with a case worker as directed
  • Remain off financial assistance for the final 12 months of the program