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Salt Lake City Office
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Shelter Plus Care I, II and III (SPC)

The Shelter Plus Care (SPC) is tenant based assistance that allows participants to choose a rental unit that best meets their needs.  The targeted populations are those that are homeless with persistent and severe mental illness and/or those who are HIV positive.
Participants on SPC I, receive supportive services from Valley Mental Health, Storefront (Safe Haven) and University of Utah Clinic 1A. Services include outreach, case management, life skills, alcohol and drug abuse services, AIDS related services, employment assistance, other health care services, housing placement and transportation. SPC I will assist 42 individuals and/or families.
Shelter Plus Care II receives supportive services and case management from The Road Home and will assist 20 individuals and/or families.  Services include outreach, case management, life skills, alcohol and drug abuse services, mental services and housing placement.
Shelter Plus Care III is a four-unit complex owned and maintained by CW Development LC to provide housing and supportive services to homeless individuals and/or families with HIV/AIDS. Supportive services include outreach, case management, life skills, and alcohol and drug abuse services, mental health services and initial housing placement.
The supportive service agencies must refer potential applicants to the Housing Authority of Salt Lake City.
Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA)

The Housing Authority of Salt Lake City works in partnership with referring agencies to provide transitional tenant based rental assistance to low-income persons and families with documented HIV/AIDS status.  These individuals and families avoid homelessness while facing severe challenges in meeting personal, medical and housing costs during their illness. The participant is free to choose any housing that meets the requirements of the program and is not limited to units located in subsidized housing projects.  Participants will receive HOPWA tenant based housing assistance until they receive permanent assistance through the Housing Choice Voucher program. 
Stable housing is the cornerstone of HIV/AIDS treatment, many individuals and their families who are living with HIV/AIDS risk losing their housing due to multiple factors, such as increased medical costs, limited incomes or reduced ability to keep working due to AIDS and related illnesses. Housing assistance provided to these participants results in a more stable housing environment, reduced risk of homelessness, and improved access to health care and other supportive services.
The Housing Authority of Salt Lake City maintains successful relationships with Utah AIDS Foundation, University of Utah Clinic 1A, and the Community Action Program.  All HOPWA applicants are referred to the Housing Authority by one of the above agencies.  The Partner agencies provide on-going case management and assist households in accessing health care and other supportive services.  We currently are serving 18 households with HOPWA assistance.
Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (VASH)

The VASH program is a joint program between the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The goal of the VASH program is to move homeless veterans into supported housing. The primary component of the program is VA Case Management services. It provides linkage to medical care, mental health and substance abuse services. Case management also provides other services needed to enhance a veteran's ability to remain stable, housed and integrated into the community.

The VA must refer potential applicants to the Housing Authority of Salt Lake City, applicants may only be denied if they are registered as a lifetime sex offender or do not meet the income guidelines.
The Housing Authority of Salt Lake City has been selected by HUD to work in partnership with the VA to provide housing assistance in the form of a VASH Housing Choice Voucher (VASH HCV). These VASH Vouchers make it possible for veterans to afford privately owned rental housing in the community of the veteran's choice provided it is located within a reasonable distance from the VA or Outpatient Clinics.  We have 197 vouchers under this program which include 70 Tenant Based Vouchers that allows the participant the flexibility to choose, and 35 Project Based Vouchers located at Freedom Landing which includes all utilities and offers extra supportive services through the Veterans Administration.

For more information or donations please contact VA Homeless Outreach Program at 801-746-5561 extension 1.


Homeless Veterans Housing

Freedom Landing Apts

Valor House Apts
Project-Based Vouchers (PBV)

The Project-Based Voucher Program is part of Housing Authority of Salt Lake City Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program. The PHA has attached voucher assistance to specific housing units that the owners agreed to either rehabilitate or build, or the owners agreed to set-aside a portion of the units in an existing development. From time to time the PHA will ask for proposals for the use of PBVs for certain persons, for example, persons who are chronically homeless, elderly and/or disabled. We have 179 units under this program and offer the following PBV Projects:
Taylor Springs, Senior Housing (62 and older) which consists of 40 PBV units with all utilities included except electric 
Palmer Court, Disabled Chronically Homeless which consists of 75 units with all utilities included
Sunrise, Disabled Chronically Homeless which consists of 64 units with all utilities included

Moderate Rehabilitation Program (Mod Rehab)

At one time Owners were able to get money from HUD to fix up their properties and after completion receive unit-based assistance on them. The program is called the Section 8 Moderate Rehabilitation Program or Mod Rehab. The owners receive housing assistance payments from the PHA to make up the difference between what the participant pays (the participant pays 30% of their adjusted income) and the actual rent. This program funding is no longer available for new projects.
What families are eligible to apply for the moderate rehabilitation program?
Low-income families (i.e. families with incomes below 50% of the average median income).
How are families selected for the moderate rehabilitation program?
Eligible families are placed on the PHA’s Mod Rehab waiting list. When vacancies occur in Mod Rehab projects, the PHA refers eligible families for participation in the Mod Rehab program from its waiting list to owner.  Owners select families for occupancy of a particular unit after screening each family.  We have 170 units under this program.

Section Eight Rental Subsidy

The Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program is tenant based rental assistance. That means, that the rental assistance belongs to the person who receives it, and is not attached to a rental unit. To qualify for a voucher you must be a low income family, disabled, or elderly person. The voucher will be yours as long as you are low income and you abide by program regulations. To view private listings for Section 8 tenants click the following link:  http://haslc.gosection8.com/SearchRentals.aspx

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Section Eight Family Unification

Who Qualifies For This Program?

  • Families with children who have lost custody or who face losing custody, primarily because of lack of housing.
  • Youth age 18-21 who are aging out of the foster care.

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Section Eight Family Self-Sufficiency

How it works: The FSS program offers support to recipents of housing assistance as they work towards self-reliance and freedom from government assistance.

Participants work with FSS staff to develop individual goals that will help them become self-sufficient. FSS case managers provide support and guidance as participants work to complete their goals. Participants meet with a case manager once every three to six months.

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Public Housing

The Housing Authority of Salt Lake City owns and operates three Conventional Public Housing developments for Senior Citizens and mixed population. Public Housing is subsidized by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and serves those at or below 80% of the area median income.

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Homeless Programs


The Valor House is our newest Transitional Housing Program for seventy two (72) homeless veterans and is located on land leased from the Veterans Administration Medical Campus.

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