Section 8

Section 8 Forms

What you should know about EIV – (English)
What you should know about EIV – (Spanish)
Citizenship Declaration
Language ID Card
Language ID Flash Card
Medical Verification Form
Childcare Business Verification Form
HUD Release Form
Debts Owed


Client Forms

30-Day Notice to Vacate
Advocacy Release
Client Change Report Form
Employment Verification
Self Employment Form

Renewal Packet

Annual Recertification Packet


Section 8 Specialist


Contact Information

 Patty Sheldon   (Section 8 Lead/Port Specialist)  Office:   801-428-0567
 Jasmin Marin             (Section 8 Specialist)  Office: 801-428-0564
 Jennifer Stephens     (Section 8 Specialist)  Office: 801-428-0565
 Layth Ali                    (Section 8 Specialist)  Office: 801-428-0572
 Melanie Lawrence    (Section 8 Specialist)  Office: 801-428-0563
 Torie Soria                (Section 8 Specialist)  Office:   801-428-0577
 Tawna Crapo            (Section 8 Specialist)  Office: 801-428-0566
 Jackie Rojas             (Director of Section 8)  Office: 801-428-0568
 Amber Howells         (Family Self Sufficiency)  Office: 801-428-0542
 Mindy Holman          (Family Self Sufficiency)  Office:   801-428-0561
 Bina Maharjan          (Section 8 Specialist)  Office:   801-428-0571
 ** Agency Fax Number:  801-487-3641